The Cadet Chronicles

Welcome to Westerhaven Academy

The Cadet Chronicles are an ongoing cosy sci-fi series featuring Adelie Klaiber, a former rally racing champion and a Baroness from the planet Eden. After a failed engagement she leaves home to pursue a career as a military officer and diplomat, training for both at the prestigious Westerhaven Space Force Academy. Set in alternative universe with a retro 1950s flare, you'll find petticoats next to fighter jets, the drill of a military academy and the fun of a classic diner all wrapped into delightful parcel of adventure, friendship and romance. Follow along as Adelie grows into an officer and diplomat ready to take action against the foes of the Union.

Willkommen auf der Westerhaven Academy

Die Cadet Chronicles sind eine fortlaufende, gemütliche Sci-Fi-Serie um Adelie Klaiber, eine ehemalige Rallye-Fahrerin und Baronin vom Planeten Eden. Nach einer gescheiterten Verlobung verlässt sie ihre Heimat, um eine Karriere als Militäroffizierin und Diplomatin einzuschlagen. Für beides wird sie an der renommierten Westerhaven Space Force Academy ausgebildet. In einem alternativen Universum mit dem Flair der 1950er Jahre finden sich Petticoats neben Kampfjets, der Drill einer Militärakademie und der Spaß eines klassischen Diners, alles verpackt in einem reizvollen Paket aus Abenteuer, Freundschaft und Romantik. Begleite Adelie dabei, wie sie zu einer Offizierin und Diplomatin heranwächst, die bereit ist, gegen die Feinde der Union vorzugehen.

The Books


Beginnings - A love story

Former Planet 500 racing star Adelie Klaiber has left her home to pursue a career in the Space Force after realising her husband-to-be would only marry her to gain rank and money. Saving the life of womaniser Nate links her to one of the most sought after pilots in her year, and she can't deny he's not only handsome but also quite irresistible. After crossing each others paths a few times, they discover that they make a great team. But will they also make good lovers?

You can read Beginnings for free on Inkitt.


Flight Captain - Fortune favors the bold

Adelie Klaiber is looking forward to the last week of a demanding semester crowned by an academy-wide exercise, when life has other plans. Instead of smooth sailing and helping her friend Ophelia with a project, she finds herself in a battle with her boyfriend for the prestigious rank of Flight Captain and tasked with the mission of retrieving the squadron flag from a visiting tank battalion. Not shying away from competition or doing her duty, Adelie is brought to the limits of her confidence.


The biggest Thank You goes to Tim, who suffered patiently through my earliest writing in English, and for being the best beta reader one could wish for. Thanks also to Jörg, Martina and Shukshata, your love for Beginnings encouraged me greatly to write Book #2. Jenny, Sabrina and Conny - my Hype Women, nothing would be possible without your steady support.


Mein größter Dank geht an Tim, für das Ertragen meiner ersten Schreibversuche in Englisch, und die Bereitschaft der beste Beta Reader ever zu sein. Ein dickes Danke außerdem an Jörg, Martina und Shukshata, eure Begeisterung für Beginnings hat nicht unwesentlich dazu beigetragen, dass ich mich an Buch Nummer 2 gewagt habe. Jenny, Sabrina und Conny - meine Hype Women, ohne eure Unterstützung würde gar nichts gehen.

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